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Deadbeat Premiere: My Interview with the cast at SXSW


This year has marked a bold change in the way television and companies create new and exciting TV shows, and how shows are reached to audiences everywhere. Hulu has established itself as a website and service that offers varied options of TV shows, webisodes, trailers, clips and movies, and on April 9 will launch the new TV show Deadbeat. Deadbeat is premiering exclusively on Hulu, and AND Magazine covered the red carpet premiere at SXSW this year. The show stars Tyler Labine (Reaper) as a medium living in New York City attempting to help ghosts with unfinished business. Cat Deely from So You Think You Can Dance stars as a psychic name Camomile, making her debut into the world of TV comedy, while Brandon T. Jackson from Tropic Thunderand Lucy Devito from Melissa & Joey also star in the offbeat comedy revolving around the supernatural.

Deadbeat is launching 10 episodes for its first season under the Plan B Entertainment company from Brad Pitt, which had its interest in the writers of the show from very early on in the process. Screenwriters Cody Heller, and Brett Konner of Deadbeat spoke alongside Director Troy Miller to AND about the show’s debut on Hulu and the audience in Austin:

How are you enjoying Austin?
Cody Heller: this is the first time we’ve had a show premiere at all, we’re thrilled to be in Austin, we think SXSW is the perfect place.

Brett Konner: People that come to SXSW are really into both film and the interactive aspect, so the first online show to premiere in this festival’s history is pretty exciting for us.

How was it working with the cast, they seem hilarious!
Troy Miller: It’s great because they’re all improv actors. So we worked out the script but a lot of them would improvise- they’re super talented, and we created a family like atmosphere.

That seems to be when the best work happens.
TM: It’s a fun set. They’re all pros, they knew their lines. It’s an organic environment.

Tyler Labine, Photo credit: Erica Bean


What is it like to see the actors deliver the lines on screen that you’ve written?
BK: When a scene goes off the way you hoped it would, it’s probably the best feeling in the world. Every actor that we have all have strong improv skills. They have our jokes but bring their own jokes to the table.

CH: We had a lot of fun!

Do you think any of your writing for the show will be influenced by the actors themselves?

BK: It already has. We had most of the scripts written for the seasons already, we didn’t know. We played to that a little more, and tweaked it, and I think we found a pretty good balance.

Deadbeat premieres April 9 on Hulu

From Hulu: Deadbeat is an all new original comedy series. Kevin Pacalioglu (series star Tyler Labine) may have no money and no clue, but he can see dead people, so that’s pretty cool. Faced with a constant stream of stubborn spirits, Pac goes to whatever lengths require the least amount of effort to help New York City’s most frivolous ghosts finish their unfinished business.

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