About Me

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I am a writer and photographer, formerly atAND Magazine as the Fashion and Style Editor. 

I am a food and yoga enthusiast and passionate story teller. I travel often and far to visit family in Norway and Thailand, which influences my writing and has made me love to study the world. Traveling to different cities and living in different countries has given me gratitude for words, and the ability to capture life with story telling. Writing is important to do, but I offer my perspective as something new and original; a new wave of creativity to offer in a sea full of writers. Words are how I hold all the beautiful and complex parts of life I have found in the palm of my hands. Home is the space between my pen and a blank piece of paper.


My professional experience includes news writing, social media, branding, editorial, editing, SEO, blogging, proofreading, graphic design, copy writing, features writing, music and film coverage. I have been featured in Backbeat magazine, Bright Wall/ Dark Room, World Lifestyle, AFAR Magazine, Big Bend Now, and AND magazine. My writing career has taken me from newspapers to magazines, to freelance projects over the past several years. This is a compilation of my professional writing and photography work.

My photography portfolio can be viewed at: www.EricaBean.com.

I am always interested in working on new projects and freelance writing work. To see my resume, or inquire about editing or writing projects, please contact me at info {at} EricaBean.





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